Our focus at Fall Creek Farm & Nursery is to provide premium blueberry nursery stock to commercial fruit growers, nurseries and retailers worldwide.  Our products are second to none, in part, because we have high standards, superb growing conditions and most importantly, good people.

Our Core Values

People: Commitment to collaboration, mutual respect and integrity

Excellence: Quest for excellence in everything we do

Innovation: Continual improvement through innovation and creativity

We are fiercely proud of the tradition of excellence that has been a cornerstone of Fall Creek throughout our more than 30-year history.  We believe in our mission:

At Fall Creek, We Are Dedicated To Cultivating Exceptional Plants, Relationships And Innovative Solutions To Optimize Customer Success.

Our state-of-the-art propagation and growing facilities and innovative growing techniques ensure that we can produce the healthiest and highest quality plants on the market. We have the industry's largest portfolio of the leading varieties and we continue to introduce new varieties from our breeding program partners and from our own private breeding program. Our focus is to bring exceptional plants and blueberry solutions to our customers around the globe.

Career Opportunities Available

Currently No jobs Available