Our mission at Agriculture Capital is to develop a regenerative food and agriculture system that produces better food at scale and delivers healthy returns to investors while making a difference in our communities.  The Agriculture Capital approach starts with making investments in permanent cropland and synergistic midstream assets to create vertically integrated, sustainable farming enterprises that grow, pack, and market high-value produce. We bring a highly engaged owner-operator orientation to our investments and use our team’s proven expertise to deliver management and operational improvements that protect environmental health, support the human spirit, and create and sustain economic prosperity.

Agriculture Capital has grown quickly over the last 4 years by focusing on a unique strategy built upon four key pillars:

Investing in crops that have strong consumer and customer demand. Investing in crops at appropriate scale to capture operational efficiencies and meet the needs of today’s larger customers. Investing in midstream assets to enhance returns, reduce risk and exceed customer expectations Investing with a regenerative focus to reduce risk and improve the value of the assets and the communities in which we operate.

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