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Job Info
  1. Job Title: Sr Viticulturist
  2. Location: Monterey, CA
  3. Number: 10615
  4. Post Date: 1/25/2019
Job description

Our Sr Viticulturist Oversees laboratory and field operations related to research, development, and technology transfer in viticulture and grape production. Provides technical support to the Principal Research Scientists by managing daily activities involving field experimentation, treatment application and evaluation, data and sample collection, and data analysis. This position supports the technical needs of related groups within Winegrowing and technology including Chemistry, Enology, GVI, Grower Relations, CP&I and Process Technology.

What You Will Do: 

  • Organizes and coordinates the development, management, and maintenance of vineyard plantings in support of applied research activities of the Viticulture Department statewide.
  • Supports functions including plant propagation, vine training and trellising, and treatment application.
  • Integrates soil sensing technology into pre-planting and existing vineyard soil application recommendations.
  • Recommends vineyard design, irrigation layout, vineyard clones, rootstocks, and sunlight optimization.
  • Conducts cultural manipulations including pruning, irrigation, and crop load management.
  • Frost prevention including inversion analysis and meteorology.
  • Implements state of the art irrigation techniques and technology.
  • Develops irrigation water testing and treatment protocols.
  • Develops, maintains and implements appropriate experimental protocols and plot designs for field experimentation.
  • Oversees experimental plot establishment, design and layout.
  • Coordinates treatment applications and necessary vine manipulations with vineyard managers and other personnel.
  • Provides recommendations on fertilization, plant insect and pathogen prevention
  • Manages data collection, physiological measurements and statistical analyses.
  • Manages and maintains Vineyard Laboratory including facilities, supplies and equipment.
  • Develops and maintains the laboratory operating budget and tracks expenditures.
  • Performs data analysis using SAS or other appropriate statistical software.
  • Monitors and ensures achievement of goals, objectives, and timelines.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. M/F/D/V.

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